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A beautiful paradise in Dapoli


Whistling Waves Beach Resort- A beautiful paradise in Dapoli

Dapoli is a hill station with number of beaches in Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is located at northern region of Ratnagiri district. Dapoli is also called as “Mini Mahabaleshwar” because of its year-round cool weather. Dapoli is 240 km from Mumbai and 180 km from Pune. Dapoli has many beaches like Savane Beach, Anjarle Beach, Harnai Beach ,Murud beach ,Karje beach, Ade etc.Dapoli is famous for its delicious Konkani Thali which includes sea food and unique drink called “solkadi”. The one who loves thrilling water activities, this is a perfect place to have fun.Popularity of Dapoli is increasing these days with many tourists from Mumbai and Pune visiting it as weekend destination.

Beach Resort In DapoliBeach Resort In Dapoli

Places to Visit -

Anjarle Beach - The beach is located at 24 kms from Dapoli. Anjarle Beach is a pleasant and cool place to visit. Anjarle also has Savane Beach which has the beautiful nature around it. Savane beach has the most beautiful view of Konkan.Savane beach is with clear water and clear sand. The beach has pleasant and calm environment.

Anjarle has the ancient Ganpati Temple which is popularly known as “Kadyavarcha Ganpati “

The Anjarle Beach is also known as the unspoiled beach. At anjarle beach hotels one can get a good experience by the accommodation services.

Anjarle Beach HotelAnjarle Beach Hotel

Harnai Beach - It is famous for fish harbour / port and market.

It's just 9.9 kms away from Anjarle beach hotels . Harnai Port is one of the well known port in Dapoli Taluka. Mainly famous for its Fish Auction Market .You will find each and every type of fishes that you can buy there. Harnai Port also supplies and exports the fishes to other cities like Mumbai, Pune ,Ratnagiri,Kolhapur,etc and to other countries too..Don’t miss the Harnai Fort or Goa Killa which was built in different levels which you should definitely visit and experience the history. One can find accommodation to stay at beach resorts near Dapoli which will be at lesser distance from beaches and other sightseeing places.

Cuisine - Delicious Konkani Thali. Sea food .It is predominantly non-vegetarian, although there are a few outstanding veg dishes.

Accommodation - Whistling Waves Beach Resort - Savane Beach Anjarle is the paradise to stay, relax ,rejuvenate and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. Which is just a minute away from Savane Beach Anjarle. Where you can rejuvenate your mind and experience the uncommon element. We provide the delicious Konkani Thali . Experience your amazing and memorable holiday with