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Explore Best of Kokan at Dapoli


Explore Best of Kokan at Dapoli

Whenever visiting the coastline of Konkan, you will love to visit the Dapoli beach. A long stay at Dapoli beach resorts is a perfect relaxation for everyone. You will get to explore some of the most amazing places near Dapoli which are full of nature surroundings. Keshavraj temple is one of the must places to visit. The Keshavraj temple is of lord Vishnu and is located in Asud village which is just 7 kms from Dapoli. From Mumbai the distance to Dapoli is 240km and you can reach by road via NH 66 and SH 100. There is also a convenient route to Dapoli from Pune. You can go to Asud village through a local transport or private vehicle and then further to Keshavraj temple.

You will have to climb some steps which are surrounded by coconut trees, betelnut trees and grooves to reach the temple. While climbing the steps make sure you take some snaps of the nature around which will make you feel really refreshed. The temple has peshwa kind of architecture and an idol of Vishnu. Temple is surrounded by stone pavements from all the sides making it more beautiful. A water stream near the temple flows throughout the year. In temple there is a gomukha through which fresh drinkable water flows. Have a sound nature walk around the temple premises.

Dapoli has many beautiful attractions around it and always welcome tourists all around. A getaway at Dapoli and stay at Dapoli beach resorts is a perfect rejuvenating trip for everyone. The Durga devi temple is one of the main attractive spot near Dapoli. Dedicated to Goddess Durga this temple is located in Murud village of Dapoli Sub District. The pillars and roof of this temple are carved from the wood with intricate figures. The temple was built during the 14th century period to 15th century.

There is also a huge bell in the temple premises and has black stone foundation. The pillars are carved with flowers, gods, parrots, elephants, lions, tigers and other animals. Chaitra shudha pratipada festival is celebrated here annually. Nagarkhaana is also located in the temple premises which is used during aarti and in festive season. There is murud beach located at just walking distance from this temple. You can relax and enjoy the sunset at the beach. In winter there are favorable conditions for playing watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, Para sailing, and Boat rides.

Mahalakshmi Temple Kelshi

While staying at Dapoli beach resorts you can explore some mesmerizing places nearby. One such tourist attraction is Mahalakshmi temple. The temple is situated at the base of utambar hill in the kelshi village. It has a unique architecture from the peshwa period. The temple was built in the year 1808. A beautiful pond is located in the temple premises adding more beauty to the surroundings. Lotuses blooming on this pond are just a wonderful viewing experience. Road access from all major cities in Maharashtra is quite easy and can be reached here conveniently.

Dapoli has some of the perfect tourist spots to visit all around. While staying at Dapoli beach resorts you can explore the sightseeing attractions nearby. One such popular place is yakub baba darga in kelshi village. The darga is 386 years old and is quite popular among the locals. Yakub baba traveled from Hyderabad to Kelshi village in year 1618. Every year in December a festival called Urus takes place at this darga. Tourists from all religion attend this darga and also enjoy the Urus.

It is said that a meeting was held between yakub baba and Shivaji maharaj that time and Shivaji maharaj offered to build the Darga here. After a peaceful visit at darga you can go to kelshi beach which is just at a walking distance from darga. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees and groves. You can take a refreshing evening walk here and watch a mesmerizing sunset too.

Shree Bhargavram (Parshuram) Temple Ade

If you wonder where to take a small holiday from busy week then Dapoli beach is a perfect destination for you. The stay at Dapoli beach resorts is a much needed thing for you. While staying there you can explore some beautiful places just like Shree Bhargavam temple which is located in Ade village in Dapoli taluka. This place is also known as the parshuram bhoomi by the locals. This place has a long history and this temple was built in ancient times. In order to visit this temple you have to take some stone steps which are surrounded by groves and coconut trees. You have to reach Burondi village in order to visit the temple. The temple is located on the mountain in the village side.

Once you reach the temple you will be delighted to watch this peshwa style architecture. All the facets of this temple are facing towards the east. In the temple premises there are other temples as well. After the temple visit do not forget to explore the untouched Ade beach which is just at walking distance from there. Along with the beautiful sea view you will also watch the kevada woods, coconut and betel nut groves here. Ade beach has very crystal clear sand and clean waters. The beach and area aside is best to explore while here.

Veleshwar Temple Ladghar

While exploring Konkan range you will find many ancient temples which are mostly of lord Shiva also known as shivalaya. The veleshwar temple which is located in ladghar is one such ancient and beautiful temple to visit. While staying at Anjarle beach hotels you can have a day trip to this temple. The temple is just a way from the ladghar seashore and constructed from black stone.

Veleshwar temple has a unique architecture which signifies its age. Many locals share the stories of this temple formation and believe that temple was built during the Mahabharata period. After visiting temple you can take a relax walk at ladghar beach and enjoy the sunset too. There are other nature places to visit near this temple where you can take a calming walk and enjoy some local Konkani seafood and cuisines.

Chandika Temple Dabhol

A holiday at Dapoli murud beach resorts is a perfect getaway for every tourist out there. While staying here, there are many amazing places to visit nearby Dapoli. One such place is Chandika temple in dabhol village. The temple of Chandika devi is situated underground in a cave which is formed naturally. There is a belief among the locals that the idol of Chandika devi was formed on its own known as Swayambhu and a temple was built later. Shivaji Maharaj used to visit this temple during their time.

The tourists from Mumbai and Pune have a easy road access to this place. In order to reach the temple you should go through the Dark pathway inside the cave. There are oil lamps in the temple and visitors are not allowed to carry any light or torch. You will be relaxed and refreshed after visiting the temple. A spring of fresh water lies inside the temple premises. The ferry boat carries your vehicles outside the premises. Alongside you can visit the dabhol beach and taste some Konkani recipes.