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Places to visit around


Places to visit around....

Murud - Murud beach is the best place to watch dolphins waggings its tail in the water.Its 16.7 kms and takes 37 minutes to travel from Anjarle beach hotels to Murud. Its has exciting water sports and enjoy the amazing cuisine of Konkan. Trying Water sports like parasailing,banana rides,jet ski and other will surely make the trip thrilling and memorable .Murud dapoli beach resort in Murud Dapoli can serve you at is best for homestay and for good quality food too .

Suvarnadurg - This fort is situated between Mumbai and Goa on a small island in the arabian sea near Harnai in Kokan.The fort is built by the great Shivaji Maharaj . The fort is also called as “The Golden Fort ‘“. as it is considered as the pride or “ the feather in the golden cap of Marathas.If you are adventurous enough you can take a small boat to the North side of the bay, you can see where the Peshwas or Prime Ministers of the Maratha Kingdom resided. Also see the Peshwa Smarak and visit the Bankot Fort at Bhagamandala, approximately 4 km away. It is 9.7 kms away from Anjarle beach hotels. Which takes 28 mins to get there.

Karde - It Has a beautiful and pristine beach.Its 20 kms from Anjarle and takes 43 minutes to reach . You will reach in 8-10 mins from murud dapoli beach resort. It has exciting water sports and has some dolphin spot watching points too. Karde beach is peaceful and is not much commercial.

Cuisine - Delicious in Konkani Thali and Sea food .It is predominantly non-vegetarian, although there are a few outstanding veg dishes.

Accommodation - Whistling Waves Beach Resort - Savane Beach Anjarle is the paradise to stay, relax ,rejuvenate and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. Which is just a minute away from Savane Beach Anjarle. Where you can rejuvenate your mind and experience the uncommon element. We provide the delicious Konkani Thali . Experience your amazing and memorable holiday with us.